News Release 2011


News Release 2011

2011-12-28 JDC's Indonesian Subsidiary was Announced as a Tender Winner by Total E&P Indonesie

Total E&P Indonesie, Indonesian Subsidiary of the Paris based Total Group, has recently announced on its corporate website that JDC's Indonesian Subsidiary, P.T. Japan Drilling Indonesia, became a winner of their forthcoming drilling campaign in Indonesia. The duration of contract is 2 years firm plus 2 x 1 year option.

Execution of the formal drilling contract between Total E&P Indonesie and P.T. Japan Drilling Indonesia is subject to the authorization from the Indonesian Government.

Further information will be provided as and when they become available.

2011-09-29 Announcement of Department name change

The Applied Technology Department, specialized in civil engineering with HDD method adopting experience and expertise of offshore drilling business, is called the "Horizontal Drilling Department" from October 1st, 2011.

2011-08-02 New Drilling Contract Signed for Deep-Sea Drilling Vessel CHIKYU

JDC and Japan Petroleum Exploration Co., Ltd. (JAPEX) have signed a 1 billion yen contract to drill wells in deep-water off the coast of western Japan as a preparation work of the methane hydrate test production program for MITI's Agency for Natural Resources and Energy. The deep-sea drilling vessel CHIKYU, owned by Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology and operated by JDC Group, will drill three observation wells and one test well. The drilling operation will commence in January/February 2012.

2011-07-29 JDC Announced its New Contract for "HAKURYU-5"

JDC announced that its equity-method affiliate UMW JDC Drilling Sdn. Bhd. (UJD) and Petronas Carigari Sdn. Bhd. (PCSB) agreed to sign a new drilling contract for the rig "HAKURYU-5" owned by Hakuryu 5, Inc., a consolidated subsidiary of JDC.

The contract has a duration of one year with an option to extend the contract for one more year. It will commence upon the termination of the current drilling operation offshore Myanmar, followed by the mobilization to PCSB's designated location in Malaysia.

The contract value is approximately US$ 72 million.

2011-05-11 Gulf Drilling International Ltd. is to build two new high-specification jack-up rigs

Gulf Drilling International Ltd. (GDI) of Qatar, an equity-method affiliate of Japan Drilling Co., Ltd. (JDC), has announced the award on May 11, 2011 to Keppel FELS Limited of Singapore (Keppel FELS) to build two high-specification KFELS B Class Bigfoot jack-up rigs, worth about US$393 million.

Scheduled for delivery in the third quarters of 2013 and 2014, the two latest rigs mark GDI's first new orders in six years, and will increase the company's jack-up rig fleet count to seven units.

These contracts of GDI follow closely after JDC's award of a new build contract for one high-specification KFELS Super B Class jack-up drilling rig with Keppel FELS on March 15, 2011 with the delivery slated for the end of March, 2013.

2011-03-17 Announcement for "The 2011 off the Pacific coast of Tohoku Earthquake"

We would like to express our deepest sympathy and condolences to the victims of the earthquake and tsunami that struck the Pacific coast of the Tohoku region of Japan on March 11, and our sincere hope for the earliest relief and recovery of affected areas.

A summary of the impact of the disaster on our Group operations is provided below, along with details of the donation for the relief efforts.


The safety of all employees and staff of the Group has been confirmed.

Facilities and equipment

There has been no damage to rigs, offices or other equipment and facilities owned by the Group.

Information about the deep-sea drilling vessel "CHIKYU" (owned by the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC) and our Group company Mantle Quest Japan Company Ltd. provides the management/drilling services), berthed at the Port of Hachinohe in Aomori prefecture at the time of the earthquake, is announced on the JAMSTEC website.

Business performance

In the event that it is deemed that the disaster may have a substantive impact on the business performance of the Group in any form, details will be released.


We will donate five million yen for supporting the relief efforts for those affected by the disaster.

2011-03-15 JDC announces construction of new High Specification Jack-Up Rig

Japan Drilling Co., Ltd. today announced that the Company has entered into an agreement for the construction of one new high-specification jack-up drilling rig with Keppel FELS Limited as a solid part of the expansion of the Company's rig fleet pursuant to its growth strategy.

The KFELS Super B Class design is one of the world's deepest drilling rigs with drilling depth of 35,000 ft. This rig's leg structure is uniquely designed to provide enhanced robustness for operations at 425 ft water depth. The rig is engineered to operate in high ambient temperatures and can accommodate 150 personnel onboard. It features an offline stand building capability to handle drill pipes efficiently, a combined drilling load of up to 2,700 kips and a high capacity hook load of 2 million pounds, boosting overall rig performance and productivity.

Yuichiro Ichikawa, Representative Director and Senior Managing Executive Officer said, "We plan to further expand our business operations globally and strengthen our offshore fleet to address the diverse needs of our customers. The utilization of our existing rigs is currently at an optimal level and we believe that the KFELS Super B class will be an important addition to boost our capabilities and offerings to customers."