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News Release


JDC unveiled the new Corporate Logo


JDC unveiled this new corporate logo on the occasion of its 40th anniversary. The new corporate logo comes into use for communication materials including JDC's official web site, letterhead, business cards, etc.


The main body of this new corporate logo is based on the letters of "JDC" which stands for "Japan Drilling Company". The simple shape of the "JDC" logo symbolizes its credibility acquired for 40 years of its business achievements as an international offshore drilling contractor.

The concave line under the letters of "JDC" represents "ocean" and "waves", and the longer "J" images the drilling beneath the sea bed. The orange rectangle on the top of "J" stands for flare of oil and gas as well as JDC's passion and enthusiasm for offshore drilling.

With this new corporate logo, JDC would further strive to increase its corporate value as an offshore drilling contractor by way of providing its customers with quality drilling services that meet and surpass the international standards in all respects of safety, quality of service, and operational efficiency.