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Delivery of New Jack-up Rig "Hakuryu-10"


The new jack-up rig (to be named "Hakuryu-10") at PPL Shipyard in Singapore was completed and delivered to JDC on June 4, 2008.

The rig with the latest drilling equipment is of the Baker Pacific Class 375 design, and capable of drilling down to 30,000 feet in water depths of up to 375 feet. It has an overall length of 72.1m, a beam of 68.4m and a hull depth of 8.5m.

JDC has transfered the ownership of the rig to its Panamanian subsidiary, "Hakuryu 10, Inc." and accordingly the rig now has a Panamanian flag. In around August this year, after the preparation work and familiarization training of crews, the rig will sail out to Tunisia where the rig will commence its first operations.