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Basic HSQE Training

All offshore crew are to undergo wide range of safety trainings, including trainings for fire fighting, sea survival, helicopter underwater escape, and breathing apparatus use.

Job-Specific Training

Job-Specific Training is to be conducted from time to time to improve skills and expertise for such specific job.

Training for a Specific Task

In addition to the Basic Training and Job-Specific Training, specialized training is to be conducted toward the crew with special role (e.g.: fire team leader).

HSQE Management System Training

HSQE Management System Training is to be provided to all personnel involved to brush up knowledge about the System.

Supervisory Training

Personnel in supervisory positions, working both in offices and on rigs, are to undergo supervisory training to improve leadership skills and managerial capabilities.

HSQE On-The-Job Training

On-The-Job Training is to be conducted toward new personnel or personnel performing new jobs to become familiar with their duties and working environment.

Emergency Drills

All offshore crew are to regularly participate in emergency drills to stay prepared for emergency situations on a drilling rig.

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