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HSQE Policy


HSQE Policy

Japan Drilling Company is a reputable, established international drilling contractor in the oil and gas industry. We are dedicated to providing quality, on-time, incident-free services to our customers and to conducting operations in a manner that ensures environmental protection and the health and safety of our personnel and stakeholders.

HSQE Principles

To conduct its business Japan Drilling Company:

  • has a systematic approach to health, safety, quality, and environmental (HSQE) management, embodied by its HSQE Management System, designed to ensure statutory and regulatory compliance with applicable law and meet industry "best practice";
  • ranks foremost the safety, security, and occupational health of employees and stakeholders;
  • protects the environment by minimizing operational footprint;
  • does not subordinate HSQE issues to economic pressures or profit;
  • analyzes and improves, on a continual basis, the HSQE performance of the Company;
  • establishes safeguards against all identified risks;
  • sets targets for improvement and measures, monitors, and reports on HSQE performance;
  • aims to constantly improve the skills of all its personnel, including preparation for identified emergencies;
  • requires all employees and sub-contractors to operate in accordance with the Company's HSQE Management System; and
  • believes that prevention is to be preferred in every case over cure.

HSQE Commitment

The top management of Japan Drilling Company is fully dedicated to the implementation and continual improvement of its HSQE Management System and makes the following commitments to its employees and stakeholders. They are to:


  • conduct activities in a manner such that occupational health is ensured;
  • identify, implement, and improve measures to maintain health;


  • endow every employee with the authority to stop the job and re-evaluate safety;
  • never allow convenience or haste to sacrifice safety, and make the evaluation of risks an integral component of job performance;


  • set quality objectives that meet requirements of service and enhance customer satisfaction;
  • provide consistent services on a sustainable basis, managed in an efficient and responsible manner;


  • minimize waste by inventory control, monitoring product use, and reduction in consumption; and
  • use products with the least environmental impact when practicable.

Japan Drilling Company will maintain certification to the ABS HSQE Guide as its standard for meeting the current requirements of ISM Code, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001.

Takanori Hioki
President Executive Officer
Japan Drilling Co., Ltd.
April 15th, 2020