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Mission Statement & BCP

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Mission Statement & BCP

JDC's Mission Statement

1. As a leading offshore drilling contractor, we will respond to the needs of our customers and exert ourselves to contribute to the development of society and industry.
2. We will enhance our technical capabilities and corporate agility to ensure sustainable growth while conforming to our business conduct principles.
3. We will make every effort to achieve safe operations and protect the marine and global environments.

JDC's Business Conduct Principles (BCP)

In order to achieve our Mission Statement, we have developed JDC's Business Conduct Principles (BCP), which cover a wide range of compliance programs including not only laws and ordinances but also company regulations and voluntary standards. The BCPs shall serve as guidelines for every employee in conducting their day-to-day work activities, so as to achieve a concurrence between fulfillment of our social responsibilities and enhancement of our corporate value.


1. General Principles for Compliance
  • We will conduct our operations and provide services with the highest level of performance, devoting every effort to ensure the safety of operations and strict confidentiality of customer information, and exert ourselves to achieve the trust and satisfaction of customers.
  • We will conduct our business activities in a fair, transparent, competitive manner. And, we will maintain ethically
    correct and appropriate relationships with any governmental or political organs that we interact with.
  • We will disclose our business information to the public in an appropriate and positive manner and communicate actively with the stakeholders and the community.
  • We will carry out our overseas operations in such a way that the policies of our business will contribute to the growth of the country, considering differences of local cultures, customs and community traditions, as well as complying with all applicable laws and regulations.
2. Commitment to Employees
  • We will make every effort to conduct safe operations with the goal of no accidents.
  • We will respect the diversities, personalities and individualities of our company personnel.
  • We will endeavor to provide a favorable work environment where our personnel can work energetically and foster their potentials.
3. Commitment to the Community
  • We will proactively commit to environmental issues, recognizing that they are common concerns for humankind and of inseparable relevance to our corporate activities.
  • As a good corporate citizen, we will endeavor to make positive contributions to realize a better community.
  • We will oppose any antisocial individuals or organizations that threaten civil order and public safety.
4. Top Management's Responsibility
  • JDC's top management shall take the initiative to lead all of our company personnel in implementing the BCP honestly
    and demand the same of affiliates and subsidiaries. Furthermore, JDC's top management shall inform all related parties
    to respect the BCP and create internal systems to support it
    efficiently within our business organization.
  • In the event of any violation of the BCP, JDC's top management shall take actions immediately to identify the problem and assume responsibility for preventing its recurrence. The top management shall promptly disclose and be accountable for the incident and relevant issues, and take disciplinary measures, including those to be imposed on themselves.