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Fleet Reinforcement

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Project Engineering
(R&D of new technologies for offshore drilling rigs)

Maintenance and upgrading of drilling and marine equipment / system are required in order to maintain competitiveness in the offshore drilling industry. In addition, construction of new drilling units needs to be planned and implemented to equip with the most-advanced technology and know-how to satisfy various new demands from clients.

JDC provides a variety of engineering services associated with new rig construction, from concept planning, surveying, research, planning and design and evaluation of rig and its equipment specifications through to overall engineering and coordination. JDC also offers planning and management support for major upgrades of existing rigs, drilling equipment and the system therefor. For the new rig construction, JDC's comprehensive and advanced technical services constitute a total package concept encompassing all aspects not just focusing on specific system or equipment.

Project Management (PM) of Rig Construction

JDC has agreed with BOT Lease Co., Ltd. to embark on the joint projects in which JDC is to lease the the new jack-up rig. JDC has been carrying out the PM of the rig since 2014.

  • PM of constructing a new jack-up rig, AL-KHOR (2004 - 2006)
  • PM of constructing a new jack-up rig, HAKURYU-10 (2005 - 2008)
  • PM of constructing a new jack-up rig, HAKURYU-11 (2011 - 2013)
  • PM of constructing a new jack-up rig, HAKURYU-12 (2012 - 2015)
  • PM of constructing a new jack-up rig, HAKURYU-14 (2014 - 2018)

Rig Upgrading Projects

  • Investigative studies and basic design for life enhancement (2003), and investigative studies for Deepdish conversion (*) and upgrading works (2012) of the semi-submersible rig, NAGA 1
  • Investigative studies (2005 - 2007)and upgrading works (2008 - 2009) for Deepdish conversion (*) of the semi-submersible rig, HAKURYU-5
  • Investigative studies and basic design for upgrading the existing semi-submersible rig to enable the operation at depths of 5,000 ft (2007 -2009)
  • Upgrading work for living quarter and deck crane replacement on the semi-submersible rig, HAKURYU-5 (2014)

*Deepdish Conversion

Attaching an all-in-one structure called "Deepdish" to the hull bottom of a semi-submersible rig. This strengthens stiffness of entire structure, thus increases durability of the rig and its fatigue life. The Deepdish itself was fabricated ahead of time, thereby reducing construction period and saving costs compared with the conventional conversion method.

Engineering Projects

  • Engineering support works for new drillship construction (in South Korea) (2003, 2008 - 2011)
  • Engineering support works for new semi-submersible rig construction (2009)
  • Co-designing for deepwater semi-submersible rig (2012 -)