Our Business


It is one of JDC's main businesses to render a variety of engineering services in relation to offshore drilling as well as oil and gas exploration and development.
JDC has experienced engineers who are capable of responding flexibly to customer requests in various fields, including engineering services, research & development, training, consulting services and project management. These services focus on customer satisfaction, operational efficiency improvement and ensuring safety and environments.

Engineering Services

JDC renders comprehensive, high quality and cost-effective engineering services for various projects.

Well Planning and Well Completion

With over 40 years' worldwide experience and expertise, JDC offers basic well planning services such as well path & casing design, drill string design, torque drag, hydraulics and bit selection feasible for exploration, appraisal and production wells, and also special well planning for ERD, offshore (deepwater), and HPHT.

Development Plan / Economic and Technical Evaluation

JDC draws up development plans for oil and gas upstream projects and offers economic and technical evaluation programs, including calculation /optimization for CAPEX and OPEX for discount cash flow (DCF).

Deepwater Drilling Technology

JDC proposes appropriate integrated deepwater drilling technology in consideration of reservoir characteristics, fracture and pore pressure, water depth, drilling rig and equipment, and weather and hydrographic conditions.

Engineering for Building New Rigs / Upgrading Rigs

JDC renders engineering services for building new rigs and upgrading rigs.

Floating Production Unit Engineering /Design *

JDC offers engineering services for floating production units (i.e. FPSO, TLP, SPAR, FPDSO) and subsea production units (i.e. SPS).

Subsea Equipment Engineering*

JDC offers subsea equipment engineering services including designing of production riser, pipeline, manifold, umbilical, etc.

Enhanced Oil Recovery Technology and Equipment

JDC offers engineering services for enhanced oil recovery technology and equipment, which makes it possible to increase the field's production and to extend its life by subsea boosting and separation.


JDC provides workover engineering services including selection of work vessel, planning of workover and maintenance for flow assurance.

Plug and Abandonment

JDC provides engineering services for decommissioning platforms and plug and abandonment operations in consideration of preventing the ocean pollution and observing environmental regulations.

Riser / Mooring Systems Analysis

JDC offers riser pipes and mooring systems analysis/calculation for safety operations of floating rigs/production units in harsh environments, etc.

Software Simulation

JDC offers software simulation for drilling, completion, production, etc., in compliance with the customer's demand.

*Including concept, basic, and detailed designing

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