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Adopting over 40 years accumulation of expertise and experience in drilling as an international offshore drilling contractor, JDC has proposed diverse new methods in various applications presenting many advantages in civil engineering projects.

Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD)

Since 1996, JDC has adopted horizontal directional drilling (HDD) method to provide clients with an alternative to conventional methods of placing various product lines under waterways, highways, congested areas, and environmentally sensitive areas.

Accumulated experiences and expertise through continuous effort to deal with challenging HDD projects in Japan and overseas more than a decade allows JDC to successfully drill and install product pipes in all types of formations, from granite bedrock to cobbles and gravel, as well as various types of soils introducing a wide range of tooling to cope with varying strata.

JDC currently operates one Midi rig, a modified American Augers DD-90E with 113,000 pounds of thrust and pullback, and two Maxi rigs, American Augers DD-330s with 330,000 pounds of thrust and pullback. These 3 rigs enable installation of large diameter pipes up to 40" in diameter, with length of up to 5000 feet.

jdc_apt-index-fig-003-01.jpg jdc_apt-index-fig-003-02.jpg jdc_apt-index-fig-003-03.jpg
Midi rig (DD-90E)  Maxi rig (DD-330H) Maxi rig (DD-330)

Technical Improvement

Targeting to advance the quality of service by technical improvement JDC has introduced Casing Drilling Method and developed high performance tools to upgrade the capability for drilling hard and solid rocks.

Casing Drilling Method

The Casing Drilling Method was developed as a proposal for the best method to install small diameter pipes (up to 350mm) for Shore Approach application. The key to this method is using high torque premium threaded casing pipes proven in the oil industry as the drill strings. After the bit punches-out the exit point the drill strings (casings) remain in the drilled bore as the conduit.
This method eliminates the procedure of pulling the product pipe into the drilled bore from exit and minimizes required supporting marine activity and achieves lower costs consequently.

Hard Rock Drilling

JDC developed drilling tool consist of water hammer cluster to drill/enlarge bore in hard rock.

Cluster drilling tool (CDT) 34" bore drilled with CDT in granite

Furthermore JDC has proposed Clients with optimized methods/procedures for various challenging project such as pipeline installation at steep slope, drilling through mountains, drilling drain hole to assist tunneling to cope with high volume water flow coming out from aquifer and etc.

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