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Channel Crossing (Island Hopping)

JDC successfully drilled hard rocks (granite & granodiorite) under the bed of channels offshore Imabari and installed two water mains of more than 700 meters connecting isolated islands, which eliminated the concern over the water mains to suffer mechanical damages by external forces such as hooking-up of vessel anchors and wave force in adverse weather.
This is the first and sole case of such kind construction accomplished by HDD works in Japan.

Shore Approach

JDC has successfully completed installations of conduits for landing various types of lines such as fiber optic cables, power cables and high density polyethylene (HDPE) pipes in Japan and overseas. The most suitable application for shore approach is HDD method with following advantages it realizes.

      1. No environmental damage
      2. No pollution in the sea
      3. No interference to other activities for fishery or shipping.

Conduit for landing of communication/power cables, casing drilling applied
(In Japan. Philippines and Singapore)

JDC has designed and successfully installed conduits for landing of communication and electric power submarine cable systems utilizing Casing Drilling Method.



In Okinawa, JDC installed conduits for communication/power cable from shore to outside coral reef with minimum environmental impact.

jdc_apt-appl-fig-003-01.jpg jdc_apt-appl-fig-003-02.jpg
Punch-out at outer rim of coral inhabitant

Conduit for Deep Seawater Intake Line
(In Shizuoka, Japan)

JDC has installed a conduit for landing of HDPE pipe to pumping up deep sea water at the Izu Peninsula in Japan.

Drilling through Mountains

JDC has established a method of drilling through mountains for installation of straight, long distance pipeline through hard and solid rock. Installation of pipeline in the mountainous area requires taking a long route going around surface of mountains to reach the target point. JDC's method of drilling through mountains dramatically improves the efficiency in installing lengthy pipeline in the mountainous areas by providing short-cut and consequently reduced the work period and installation costs.

Tunnel Drainage Pipeline
(In Kumamoto, Japan. For Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism)

From inside of the tunnel, JDC drilled dead ended borehole and successfully installed a drainage pipeline. The far end of the pipeline was placed at the bottom of planned 40 meter-deep settling shaft at 290 meters away from entry. At the construction of shaft later the end of installed pipe was found within the planned shaft, which proved the reliability of course-control skill and the accuracy of positioning survey tools.

jdc_apt-appl-fig-004-03.gif jdc_apt-appl-fig-004-02.jpg
  Drill spread was located inside the tunnel

Waterline Installation in Deep Mountain
(For Municipality of Sado, Japan)

A conventional open-cut pipeline installation method requires taking detour on the surface of the mountain, mostly along the existing roads. The detour route amounted to 3,000 meters in this case. As an alternative way, JDC drilled through andesite in the mountain and installed a straight waterline at the length of 650 meters only. Considerable reduction of the installation time and consequent sizable reduction of the costs was achieved.

jdc_apt-appl-fig-005-01.jpg jdc_apt-appl-fig-005-02.jpg
High Density Polyethylene Pipe
Short cut through the mountain (Yellow Line)
versus Conventional Routing (Blue Line)
Pipe end

Installation of HDPE through Deep Mountain to Establish Bypass Water Line
(In Nara, Japan)

JDC drilled 600mm bore in hard rock under the mountains and installed 390m of 450mm OD HDPE pipe to establish a flow of clear water from upstream to downstream bypassing a pool in the river.

jdc_apt-appl-fig-009-03.jpg jdc_apt-appl-fig-009-02.jpg
Drilled 600mm bore in hard rock and installed bypass waterline Insertion of HDPE Pipe

River & Surface Constructions Crossings

Installation of Water Main under Dainichi-gawa River
(In Awaji-shima Is., Japan)

JDC has designed and installed waterline crossing under the Dainich-gawa River in the soils ranging from unconsolidated cobble, and gravels (over 300mm is the largest) to silt and sand in Awaji-shima Is, Japan.

jdc_apt-appl-fig-001-01.jpg jdc_apt-appl-fig-001-02.jpg
Product pipe prepared in it's entirety Product line about to be pulled
Route of Drilling/Pipeline

Installation of Gas Pipeline across River, Railway and Road
(In South Sumatra, Indonesia)

JDC successfully installed gas pipelines with various diameters across under rivers, railway and road in South Sumatra, Indonesia.

Course of the pipeline
under the river bed
Pulling-back on-going Pulling-back completed

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